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Action Number 11(2021)

In This performance The leader addresses the audience with a series of re-edited monologues, taken from various comic-book based movies, especially from a specific moment when the antagonist (the villain who fights the hero) explains his motives for world destruction – the world that the heroes are bound to protect. The antagonist's agenda is usually a summary of values that Hollywood (or America) is against. Subsequently, while reviewing the history of these films, it is possible to detect the change in the nature of the villains, in accordance to the nature of the state's enemies at the time, for instance: Russian, Arabs, Chinese and more, alongside the manifestations of their ideologies, such as Socialism, Communism, financial and moral corruption, hyper-Capitalism and failing corporate culture. Through the monologues – a mixture of the words spoken by the hero/leader and the antagonist – questions regarding the agendas of each side arise; what is it that the hero/leader is trying to protect? What is this "democracy"? What is the "west"? 

Action number 3,The Weizmann Rally, The Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon, Israel

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