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Action number 13, Decision plan, 28-30.3.2024, CCA, Tel Aviv Yafoo

Action number 11,Performnce, 19.05.2023, Temona Theatre. 


Frahud, Part 1-Fuad, HaMidrasha Gallery 17.9.2021-12.11.2021, Tel Aviv, Israel.

A new tomorrow that starts today, Mattress Factory Museum, 1.4.2021-30/12/2021 U.S. 


Political Mutants, 5.10.2019-11.1.2020 Uri & Rami Nehushtan Museum, Israel.

Come down, there's a fight, 20.9.2019-15.2.2020 MoBY- Museums of Bat Yam, Israel.


 Murals,7.9-20.11.2019, The Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon Israel

The Return of ..., 15.12.2018 - 1.2.2019  The Israeli center for digital art ,Holon, Israel.


Farhud, 28.12 - 7.1.2018  The Refrigerator,Tel Aviv.

Orca, , ZAZ Festival, 30.11-09.12, Performance art platform, Tel Aviv.

B-Tours festival, 18-20.5.2017, Jaffa and Lod Israel.  

The Maldives Exodus Caravan Show  27.3-2.4.2017,ICAF Rotterdam, Holland

Look At me, solo show 26.11-31.12.2016, The Herzliya Artists' Residence

The Black Art,03.11.2016 - 10.12.2016, Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel Aviv

Neighborhood as a Global Arena, 13-16.12.2015, The 2nd Annual Conference of the Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon, Israel.

A few Ways to Lose a Friendship”,  15.11.2015, Helena Rubinstein Pavilion,Tel Aviv musum, Israel.

Days of Performance Art in Lviv 2-8.9.2015, "School of Performance", Lviv, Ukrain.

The Maldives Exodus Caravan Show  26-27.7.2015, Laznia Art Center Gdansk, Poland.

Workplace  21.5-31.10.2015, Tel Aviv musum, Israel.

Right To the City, Part 2, 18.11.2014, 31st Bienal de São Paulo.


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