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Tikkun, installation view, Kav 16 Gallery, Tel Aviv

Instalation view at Kav 16 gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel


Tikkun ("amendment")

In this work tati is documenting an action in an urban setting. The actions were carried out throughout Tel Aviv in locations where terrorist acts were carried out. Other works were made in sites where "personal traumas," as Tati calls them, occurred during his childhood in Bat Yam. Tati sprays paint from a vest he wears on his body onto walls at those sites. He stains the walls with a residue of the action.
The video- installation presented in the gallery shows the national biography mixed with the individual biography as traumas touch each other. The political and personal mix characterizes Tati's work by way of humorous use of elements from different realms – images from computer games, B movies and science fiction mixed with images from the Internet and news. The use of humoristic pop-art characteristics neutralizes the political from its potential didactic weight and shows another view of it, more poetic and multi-layered. The character dressed entirely in yellow, with the paint vest on its back, supposedly ventures to repair the world. But unlike cartoon heroes, Tati's super hero is emasculated; his action is futile, lacking real value, an ironic metaphor of art's inability to amend reality.


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