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small boxes, each containing a small monitor, speaker, camera, and microphone. Their role is not that of remote supervision or disciplining. What we have here is not a “big brother” but a “little big brother.” Unlike public-sphere art, in which the contact between viewer and artwork is limited, this project strives to establish a two-way relation between them. The monitors present various contents, including Tati’s activities, works by other artists operating in the neighborhood, interviews with residents, and various photographs taken by them. The cameras inside those boxes are constantly shooting and transmitting, making their gaze accessible to all residents, thereby undermining the hierarchical power-structure generated by other surveillance cameras in the urban space. The first locations of these input-output boxes include various public places around the neighborhood, such as the community center, the soup kitchen, and the local Hashomer Hatzair youth movement branch

Surveillance camera at the Shomer Youth Movement -Jessy Cohen branch.

Surveillance camera at Genadhi (Gdalia) Zimmel – An artist based in Jessy Cohen.

Surveillance camera at Vered Levanon Parente – An artist based in Jessy Cohen.

Surveillance camera at the  the Jessy Cohen soup kitchen.

Surveillance camera at the The commercial center gallery

Surveillance camera at the  the Jessy Cohen community center.

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