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Art force 1 



This project is designed to use military psychological warfare technique, within the context of a live art performance.

It is well known that armies use UAV's (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), which are uploaded aircraft, to drop propaganda leaflets on enemy populations as part of the psychological warfare. This technique is used to cause fear, demonstrate power and incite against the local enemy government.

As a paraphrase of these actions, I use a UAV, operated by a remote control; the UAV can carry 1kg of art work. Each flight has a theme and a subject. The UAV is used as mobile space that pops up in various locations.

The title Art Force 1 is a paraphrase to Air Force 1- the president's aircraft of the USA. This title is designed to constitute an ironic reflection; instead of borrowing the power of global military forces, I ‘borrow’ the power of international contemporary art.

This project intends to ask various questions: could an artistic object be used as propaganda; what does it preach and on whose behalf? Is art a closed circuit dialogue, or can it generate a powerful social awareness in the face of an undermined reality?

Within this project I conducted a few “flights”:

Flight No. 1


At first, various international artists were invited, online, to react to the subject of propaganda, using visual and textual imagery.

Therefore, this became an international art project, responding to the characteristics of this contemporary era wrought with paranoia, inter-cultural wars, propaganda means, psychological warfare, intentional disinformation by governments and armies. The first stage of the project, containing over 60 works of art, was exhibited at the Digital Art Lab, Holon, Israel.



























Flight No. 2

This flight was a collaboration with the HEB2 project.

HEB2 is an ongoing documentary project in the form of a community television channel based in Hebron, West Bank. Occupied since 1967, Hebron is the only Palestinian city with Israeli settlements at its heart, amidst Palestinian homes. To protect the 600 settlers living within, the Israeli army has placed severe restrictions on the Arabic population.

The Art Force 1 project made works of art with the children of Hebron and then dismissed the final pieces outside the city limits onto the areas those children could not enter.

the local youth and educational programs or anyone else who was willing to support the project.




















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