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Action number 3 (2010)

Action number 3,The Weizmann Rally, The Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon, Israel

A one-time evening of art performances at Wiezmann Square, Holon

The "Weizmann Rally" is the central event on the opening evening of the exhibition season in the town of Holon.
For the event and for one evening only, Weizmann Square will resume its traditional attire of a town square and will express the elements that form the historical  square milieu: spontaneous gatherings, declarations of war, parades, demonstrations and rallies, fiery speeches, travelling theater  and mass celebrations.

The town square is a place where revolutions begin, and where ideas are presented to the public and start to be realized. Its structure enables incorporating social and human elements to spatial-physical issues, with the appearance of separate activities that are bound by the space’s boundaries. In a true democracy, the square is the ultimate public area, the place where opinions can be heard and in which disputes take place and receive public manifestation,

In the "Weizmann Rally" the square is activated by eight works of art appearing one after the other and together forming a choreography and chronology specially adapted to Weizmann Square. The works, some new and some displayed in the past in other contexts, were adapted to the square to create a unique experience of a historic public space. This is a space we are not accustomed to experience at an age in which the public space has become the space of corporate advertizing. An age in which it is less customary to publicly express a dispute of political and social criticism. An age in which meetings between people take place in the virtual sphere, and opinions are exchanged in the hyper-media environment.

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