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Action Number 13, The Decision Plan(2024)

Action number 13, CCA, Tel Aviv, Israel

The Decision Plan (action number 13) by Meir Tati is a performance for virtual

characters and human actors. The performance is centred around the “Decision Plan,” a document published in 2017 by then-MK and current Minister of Finance Bezalel Smotrich, outlining his plan for the resolution of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians: a vision where one side will forsake its national aspirations (Palestine), and the other will have control over the entire territory under one state (Israel).


The document itself will be read by virtual characters taken from stock footage mainly employed in commercial presentations and lessons, which utilize AI technology to process the text and perform it. The subtle facial expressions and monotonous tone of these characters make the presentation alienating and devoid of any personal touch, thus emphasizing the absence of any regard for the human aspect of the conflict.


The performers were invited to react to the generic characters and the text displayed on the screen and to reintroduce the human and personal element into the political space of the performance. Human presence comes to demand the restoration of power and authority – as well as responsibility for us and the world – from the machines that seemingly solve everything for us.


In an era where AI-based writing technology is advancing and accelerating, the question arises about the author’s place within the space: is he still is a figure of authority or yet another detail in a database? What happens in between the loss of humanity and the personification of technologies?

The Decision Plan (action number 13) is performed by Maayan Danoch, Shahar Marcus and Kim Teitelbaum

Action number 3,The Weizmann Rally, The Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon, Israel

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